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I am a beekeeper based in Monasterboice, County Louth. My bees are located in Monasterboice and Iniskeen, also in Louth. I am a member of Louth Beekeepers' Association which is affiliated to the Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations (FIBKA). I am also a member of NIHBS (the Native Irish Honey Bee Society).

I keep only native Irish black bees since these are the best suited to the Irish climate and because new queens can mate naturally here without their offspring developing aggressive tendencies. I breed enough queens for my own use, but I hope to produce a surplus of queens in the future. The black bee is almost extinct across Europe and it's important to keep Ireland as a good pure source of this sub-species, another good reason to keep these bees.


My honey is pure raw local honey, collected by bees in a number of locations in County Louth, Ireland. It is not heat-treated and is not filtered: the only processing is extraction from the combs, and then passing the liquid honey through a sieve to remove impurities like wax. Cut comb honey doesn't even go though that process - it is cut directly from the comb, fresh from the hive.

The bees are managed in full compliance with EU regulations, with no application of antibiotics, and are treated for mites using organic treatments only, and then only if necessary.

I am registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as a primary producer of food of animal origin, with the Horticultural Food Registration number HFR 1458

How To Contact Us

I'm always happy to talk about my honey or my bees or, indeed, any bees! If you're enthusiastic about the honey and even if you're somehow dissatisfied, please let me know. You can contact me by E-mail at:


Alternatively, you can contact me by phone on:

Phone: +353 41 9826957, Mobile: +353 86 7922455

Finally, using old-fashioned snail mail, you can send your letters to:

Brendan Murray

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